Wood Fuel

Wood Fuel Supply

Pioneer Energy offers wood energy fuel supply for a wide range of applications and specifications.

We are happy to provide advice and assistance to ensure our customers obtain the most cost effective overall solution matching fuel specifications and up front boiler plant cost.

We encourage you to draw on our knowledge and experience with wood fueled heating applications before finalising any boiler plant selection.

Quality wood fuel for your business

Biomass is already a leading source of energy worldwide and as a premium supplier of high quality wood fuel, Pioneer Energy supplies New Zealand industry with wood fuel for their building heating and industrial processes.

Our wood fuel is natural, sustainable and cost effective.  It comes from our naturally seasoned logs which we believe provides the most energy efficient and sustainable way of generating heat. With guaranteed security of a consistent and long term supply, it is an ideal choice for eco-conscious businesses and organisations.

We supply wood fuel to meet our customer’s specification.  The wood chip size and characteristics can be adjusted to match the customer’s boiler plant and fuel handling system.

Pioneer Energy has established regional wood fuel hubs in Otago and Canterbury.


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