Pioneer is a company on the move. Our business is energy but our point of difference is the way we do business, the diversity of our products and energy options, partnerships and investment.


Mt Stuart Wind Farm 1

Pioneer is an active investment partner in both local and renewable generation and customer on-site heat and power facilities. Our criteria for new investment are suited to long term asset and related energy services.

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Industry Services


Pioneer has supplied renewable power to New Zealand business and communities for more than 80 years and in the last 10 years has diversified its energy services capabilities to supply both heat and power markets.

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Customer Energy


Pioneer owns and operates a very diverse range of energy supply options – electricity, thermal heat energy, embedded and ‘energy cluster’ heat plant operations, biomass fuel supply options and engineered waste to energy solutions.

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Projects & Partnerships


Pioneer is a very active investment partner in the New Zealand energy market. We have a track record of delivering new projects on time and budget within a customers own operation or integrated into the local power or district energy networks.

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