Standby Power

Standby Power can provide a similar service to the electricity market as Demand Response services, but usually at higher holding costs.

Standby power therefore falls into the Storage category above whether it is provided short term by batteries and uninterruptible power supplies or medium term by gas or diesel fired engine-generators.

Pioneer runs a number of gas and diesel engines nationally, as small power stations or critical services back-up on customers' sites such as hospitals.  The economic case for a Standby Power system will be primarily driven by your critical process or outage risk costs, potentially then supplemented by recovery of other avoided network or grid costs in the same way that Demand Response works.

As emerging technologies become better integrated into the electricity market, we are likely to see more options for customers to combine these services together with Solar PV generation on rooves and Electric Vehicle infrastructures that realise further benefits.

Pioneer is working on pilot scale technologies and on customer services interfaces that will accommodate these technologies and ensure your safety and our market compliance as suppliers.

If you would like to learn more on products and services we offer that bundled your energy needs into one end to end service, please contact our Energy Solutions representatives for further advice.