Keep your business in our community – a local residential electricity plan.

We are proud to be able to offer a local and innovative residential energy plan with Pioneer Energy.

Pioneer has supplied renewable power to New Zealand business and communities for more than 80 years. To add to this long history of devoted service, Pioneer Energy is bringing to you a new service that provides lower-cost electricity, a clear and transparent invoice and the comfort that your patronage benefits our local community through our owners the Central Lakes Trust. 

“Our commitment to renewable energy started with hydroelectric power generation in the early 1900s  We now have 19 renewable energy assets in New Zealand. Adding an option for our customers to buy energy directly is a natural extension of building on our proud history. As we surveyed the energy retail market, we just knew we could add value.  Research shows that customers don’t like locked-in contracts but like price certainty.  Customers want straight-forward terms but need to know they are honest and fair.  With our plan, we promise that everyone will get a better price than they currently have and will receive friendly terms and conditions that can be trusted”  - CEO, Fraser Jonker.

Look for a Pioneer Energy representative out in the community today or enquire through one of the options below.

Pioneer is a member of the free and Independent Utilities Disputes Scheme. If you have any concerns with our service or wish to lodge a complaint please call us to access our free and independent complaints process. You can also access the free and independent resolution service via the Utilities Dispute Scheme on 0800 22 33 40 or visit

Powerswitch is a free and independent energy comparison site. Visit to check you’re on the right plan for your needs.