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Helping power generation and industrial customers meet plant optimisation, construction and servicing needs.

Asset Advisory and Management Services

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Effective and efficient asset management is essential for maintaining reliability and being a successful generator.   Energy assets need professional management to ensure optimal operation while retaining a high asset value. However, carrying the necessary expertise in-house is not always viable.  Pioneer offers you a cost-effective alternative.  

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Contracting Services

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In today’s market, power and energy plant customers want a service contractor, someone who can do it all from the ground up, and do it right.  Pioneer's experienced engineers, supervisors and trades' people provide construction and maintenance solutions, and asset maintenance underpinned with our approach to Health & Safety.

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Market Information

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Futures type exchanges are an important component of a well-functioning and competitive commodity market such as electricity as they create greater trading liquidity and pricing transparency to retail market participants and customers. The electricity Futures market operates on similar terms and conditions to wholesale banking and interest rate swap markets used by most larger businesses to manage their financial supply costs and risks, providing customers the same benefits at similar risk management costs.

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