Renewable Energy


Pioneer has supplied renewable power to New Zealand business and communities for more than 80 years and in the last 10 years has diversified its energy services capabilities to supply both heat and power markets.


Our commitment to renewable energy started with hydroelectric power generation in the early 1900s and we still rely on this resource today.  For decades Pioneer has used its experience in building, owning, operating and maintaining its hydro assets and associated water resources to optimise its use. Pioneer Energy has partnerships in and/or owns hydro operations in the North and South Island.


Pioneer recognises the great potential for wind energy with the growing demand for environmentally friendly electricity with enhanced local benefits.   Pioneer partners to local communities to connect wind generation to their local networks – this makes for a great community outcome with enhanced local benefits.

Landfill Gas  

As we increasingly turn to alternative forms of energy, one exciting source is landfill gas. There is a real demand for greener energy and with evolving technology and increasing extraction efficiencies; we can extend the lives of our facilities to tap into a valuable source of clean energy while greatly reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Wood Chip Fuel

In addition to providing asset management and operational services, Pioneer Energy can also supply renewable biomass fuel in the form of wood chip. To secure your supply, email