New Irrigation Scheme gets the Green Light

24 July 2017

The construction of an off-farm irrigation scheme on the outskirts of Alexandra has been confirmed.

The scheme has been in the planning stage for a number of years with various parties, but a joint venture agreement recently reached between Pioneer Energy and the irrigator-owned Irrigation Company has enabled the scheme to go ahead. Pioneer will be the principal funding partner. The JV is a 50/50 partnership between the irrigators and Pioneer.

Drawing water from the Clutha River at the Dairy Creek inlet on Lake Dunstan, the scheme will enable delivery of pressurized water to approximately 1,500 hectares of land, primarily as an irrigation source for horticultural and agricultural users. Enabling landowners to turn what is generally dry, bare land into arable and productive property, the scheme will also give assurance of water supply during drier years. The scheme will supply users on a first come first serve basis with 84% of the available capacity already signed up.

Construction is expected to commence during July and be completed by November 2017.


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