Wood Energy New Zealand Limited Partnership (WENZ) formed as biomass market heats up.

14 April 2022

A partnership between Pioneer Energy and Niagara Sawmilling Company Ltd has been formed to meet the demands of the biomass market to supply high quality product to the end users, with both organisations bringing together their respective wood fuel supply businesses.

Both parties bring exceptional attributes to the Partnership. Niagara’s wealth of experience in forestry, procurement, processing and transport coupled with Pioneer’s asset management, operational experience and energy expertise, will ensure both existing and future customers can depend on Wood Energy New Zealand to meet and exceed their service expectations.

Nigel Ellett has been appointed Managing Director in the interim to oversee and ensure the successful transition of each company’s wood fuel businesses to Wood Energy New Zealand.

“The creation of Wood Energy New Zealand is a strategic partnership whose goal is to be the preferred supplier of wood fuel products and comes off the back of growth strategies of both businesses. It’s an exciting time to be in the biomass market” says Mr Ellett.

Significant wood fuel supply contracts are in place with more on the horizon as industrial and process heat customers move away from fossil fuels.  From 01 May 2022 Wood Energy New Zealand, will seamlessly transition to meet the requirements of existing South Island contracts and will move towards expanding its operations across New Zealand.