Matiri Project Information

Description of Works

Update 8 March 2021


Access to Kahurangi National Park

Based on information from DOC, you are able to enjoy the Kahurangi National Park.

This area of New Zealand is at Covid-19 Alert Level 1 with DOC facilities following government guidelines and/or restrictions, including for visitor centres, huts, campgrounds and toilets.  

Pioneer Energy has a COVID Tracer QR code located at the visitor communication hut and we ask you to record your visit.

Public Access Procedures for Workdays

Normal work hours are 7.00 am – 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday.

A site hut is located at the Matiri West Branch end of the works, adjacent to the DOC car park, and another at the western side of Coal Creek (nearing top of the hill). These huts have communications facilities to contact contractors, and visitors will need to press a button to advise the construction crew of your arrival at the hut.   

A radio will be in each hut and another with the contractor, to enable the public to alert the contractor of their presence.  Instructions will be provided for reference and use. The contractor needs to know when you are likely to enter the construction area from either end of the valley so that safe passage can be arranged.    

As the project is nearing completion, the major focus of the remaining works is located at the head of the river, with the construction of the secondary weirs.  Land restoration is ongoing through the area so watch and listen carefully for construction traffic.   



Public Access Outside of Nominal Work Hours

A new track has been formed, from the access bridge at the Matiri West Branch, past the new powerhouse site, right through to the Sweeping Bend.  This new track extends into DOC public conservation land with the newly installed penstock sharing this same track, in sections, until a junction where the walking track and penstock separate.  We ask that the public stay on the walking track, which connects with the existing track to the lake. 

              Matiri Dec 2020


Outside of normal working hours, we ask that the public stay well clear of the weir which is still under construction at the head of the river.  This area must be treated as a construction site with multiple hazards.     

While the communication huts will not be functioning, always keep a lookout for construction traffic as the site will be monitored on a regular basis and workers may be accessing the powerhouse and intake areas.  

Public access procedures for weekends and holidays  

During the weekend and holidays walking access to Kahurangi National Park remains open. Do not enter any areas cordoned off from the public. 

Contact details: 

Phone number during working hours: 0508 363 749

Email during working hours:

Complaints register:

If you have a concern either call or email with the following information:

Your name
Contact details
The location the incident occurred
The nature of the complaint including the date, time and duration of the incident or matter that resulted in the complaint
The likely or possible causes of the incident (if known)
The nature of any corrective action undertaken by the consent holder in response to the complaint.

Any complaints received are available to the Tasman District Council and the Department of Conservation.

Please contact us if you have any concerns in relation to issues of public safety, operational practices, public access and environmental concern.