Flat Hill Wind Farm

Located on private farmland approximately 3 km from Bluff, the 460 hectare site was chosen for its optimal wind conditions and minimal environmental impact.  The eight 44 metre high, 8.50 kWh turbines have a total generation capacity of 6.8 MW and are expected to generate up to 26 GWh of renewable energy annually.

Electricity generated from Flat Hill Wind Farm is embedded into the local network connecting directly to the Bluff substation on The Power Company Limited network enabling the electricity generated to be used locally.  The electricity generated will be enough to power around 2,600 homes. 

Pioneer Generation Investments Limited and Roaring Forties (owned by Electricity Invercargill and The Power Company) together form the Southern Generation Limited Partnership, a group with strong regional, cultural and strategic alignments.  The partnership also provides a low risk entry into electricity production for Electricity Invercargill and The Power Company Limited, with Pioneer a proven generation operator.  

Operated by:

Southern Generation Limited Partnership, a joint venture between Pioneer Generation Investments Ltd, Electricity Invercargill Ltd, and The Power Company Ltd


Private farmland approximately 3 km west of Bluff, Southland

Turbine Specifications:

Eight turbines, each with a 44 metre high tower, and three 26 metre long blades,
built by Spanish turbine manufacturer Gamesa